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The "All-in-One" tracking solution: Finally: The tracking problem solved forever.

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Your Results with Shoplytics

Efficient Marketing

Maximize the success of your marketing campaigns with Shoplytics®. Our tracking software shows you how your customers behave so you can improve your strategies. Identify what works and adjust your campaigns immediately. Reduce scatter losses and increase your conversion rates. With Shoplytics®, you make more out of your data.

Perfect Target Audience

With Shoplytics®, you always reach the right target audience. Our tracking software analyzes the behavior of your customers precisely and helps you define your target groups precisely. So you can target your marketing messages specifically to the right people, increasing your conversion rates.

Advanced Analysis

Use Shoplytics®'s advanced analysis features to gain deeper insights into your customers' behavior. Our tracking software provides you with comprehensive data analysis to help you make informed decisions and continuously improve your marketing strategies. Identify trends, recognize patterns, and optimize your campaigns for maximum efficiency.

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Connected with One Click

Compatible with All E-Commerce Systems

Shoplytics Features

GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

Whether you're a beginner or a pro in ecommerce analytics: Shoplytics integrates Google Analytics into your shop.

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Google Ads

Clean and comprehensive tracking in Google Ads is back. And it's fully automatic and convenient.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Shoplytics not only tracks all sales and revenue automatically but also provides you with many additional conversions and retargeting audiences.

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TikTok, Pinterest & 
100 More Integrations

The magic of Shoplytics is the easy integration of all tracking, scripts, and pixels - no matter which provider.

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All That Shoplytics Includes

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